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japanese girl under hypnostism

This is the Japanese way, many women with short skirts staged in hypnosis.
I include this as an example of staged hypnosis and for entertainment value only. The Japanese hypno orgasm video. This is not true hypnosis rather faked in my opinion.

You be the judge as we witness in this video a women under hypnosis experience an orgasm just from being touched. Of course hypnosis has elements of deep relaxation and mind training, however the aim of hypnosis is for therapy to overcome aspects that we wish to overcome or improve in our lives.

Read more on how hypnosis can be used to improve the female orgasm.

Video Japanese women orgasm hypnosis watch as you see Japanese hypnosis orgasm experience.
this girl hypnotized to orgasm in a funny way. Is she in pain? or is this how orgasms were meant to be?

Due to the popular choice of Japanese Hypnosis, we include a delightful selection of strange and entertaining Japanese hypno videos some including the famous red hypnosis dx and full body catalepsy in one of the videos of a yoga hypnosis session.

Nurse Hypnosis
08:45 – 3 years ago
Here is a short video clip of Japanese master hypnotist Red from the “Red Hypnosis DX-9″ program. The sequence features a light pen arousal induction within a roleplaying context in a hypnosis session. The roleplay is fake but the hypnosis is real. There is no nudity or the like in this clip but the original program features erotic hypnosis, very explicit adult videos, albeit this clip is tame compared to much or their material.

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